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Genetic Inevitability?

Just popping in for a quick thought...

I was chatting with a friend the other day about getting old. He told me that his parents are struggling with diabetes and, because of this, he felt like he probably would face the same issues when he gets to be their age. I assured him that his future was not set in stone and that a high-quality, appropriate diet will absolutely prevent type-II diabetes. Just because his parents are diabetic, doesn't mean he has to be. He said: "Yes, I suppose one can tip the scales." I reiterated that he is in absolute control of his future health. It's all about the choices he makes now.

I encounter this attitude regularly with people I talk to. There's seems to be this resignation to what I call "genetic inevitability". Sure, each of us has genetic predispositions to all kinds of things. But, genetic predisposition does not mean inevitability. Some MDs would have you believe that no matter what you eat, if you are predisposed to diabetes, you will suffer from it eventually. And, when you do, the only option you will have is medication. This is so absurd, it doesn't even pass the sniff test, IMHO.

If you are willing to make good dietary choices, your blood sugar can be controlled very easily. I have first-hand experience with this. And, as a result, you can feel fantastic and you can eliminate the risk of diabetes. It's a wonderful life. Oh, wait, that's a Christmas movie. How appropriate for December 22nd :).

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