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Nutritional Therapy

So, you may be asking yourself: "What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)?"

An NTP is nutritional professional. The NTP certificate is provided by the Nutritional Therapy Association, a school in Washington state that educates and trains NTPs. The fundamental philosophy of an NTP is that the human body can only thrive on a diet composed of properly-prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods. NTPs use a variety of tools and techniques to determine a client’s bio-individual needs as well as advanced nutritional therapy skills to restore balance and function to the body.

So, what does all this mean? Well, for one thing, it means that I will do a lot more than just tell you what you should and shouldn't eat. Of course, we will spend a lot of time talking about what constitutes a healthy, whole-food, nutrient-dense diet. As most everyone knows, there's a ton of contradictory information out there about what to eat. I will help you sift through all that and get to the truth. Furthermore, every person is different; each of us is a bio-individual. This means that one eating strategy doesn't work for everyone.

In order to craft a personalized protocol for a client, NTPs gather data about health history, current diet and lifestyle, and the symptoms being experienced. In addition (and this is what makes NTPs particularly unique), we use a noninvasive physical exam to help identify which systems of the body are struggling. With all of this information, NTPs develop a strategy/approach that works best for your body.

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