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My Process

Nutritional Therapy is a partnership between practitioner and client. If you are ready to explore dietary and lifestyle changes to support your body's optimal function, I'm ready to put you on the right path.

At a high level, the process of working with me is described below.

We'll start with a quick phone call so that I can hear about your health concerns and goals. Together, we'll figure out if Nutritional Therapy might be beneficial for you. Following this, we will meet in person. In preparation for these meetings, you will do the following:

  • Complete an Initial Interview form that gives me more information about your health goals as well as your health history.

  • Fill out a food journal for at least three consecutive days so we can review what you're eating and drinking.

  • Take an online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) that provides a wealth of information about the symptoms you are currently experiencing.

After I receive all of this information, I will analyze it in detail. We'll then schedule two, in-person meetings to go through an initial "intake" process. Each meeting will be approximately 1.5 hours in length. In the first meeting, we'll go over my findings from the information you submitted. You will leave with an action plan with concrete steps you can take to feel better, improve your health, and move you closer to your health goals. In the second meeting, I will perform a noninvasive physical exam that will help identify which systems of your body are struggling. We will also find out if any supplements are indicated and test to see if they will work for you. If you have blood test results from a doctor, I will look at those. If more blood work might be helpful, I can facilitate getting it ordered and will analyze it from a functional perspective.

After our initial meetings, we will meet monthly to track progress and adjust your plan. I will be available via email to provide whatever support you need.

For most people, at least three months are required to see measurable changes in health. For some, it takes longer for their health goals to be achieved. We'll make the recommended dietary and lifestyle changes at whatever pace works for you. Working together, you will be healthier and feel strong and vital.

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